Tasmanian Youth Parliament

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About Youth Parliament 2015

From April 12th-18th, school students from across the state will be converging upon Hobart for a week to learn about, and debate in parliament.  The Tasmanian Youth Parliament will have all debate held in the Tasmanian House of Assembly.  Participants form a nominal Government and Opposition to debate issues which they consider important.  In teams of three to four, students write their own Bills to be debated throughout the week.

It's not all debating though, participants engage in a range of activities whilst at the residential conference based at Springvale Hostel in New Town. Workshops and notable speakers are arranged around the facilitation of new skills which the students can rely and build upon well after the conference. There are also a range of social activities planned throughout which gives the students time to relax and network with others across the state.

The Tasmanian Youth Parliament is entirely run and organised by young people under the age of 25. Experienced volunteers, they share interests in anything from politics and law to PR, philosophy and physics!




Applications for Youth Parliament 2015 are now closed!


Sounds interesting?

Come see for yourself!

Youth Parliament debates are open to the public and we welcome parents and friends of participants, as well as the general public to come along and watch the action. It's not often enough that young people are given the opportunity to make their opinions known on such a variety of issues so these debates make for a rare and important insight into their lives. Watch as these students tackle some of the biggest issues that we currently face from Health to Alcohol Restrictions, Euthanasia and the Environment.